We Are A Maid Service Provider Based In Mumbai.


    Nanny! The Responsibility & Taking Care The Children


We Are A Maids Provider Agency

Since 2011, we have been working for employers / jobs in all parts of Mumbai. Jhanvi Jobs Pvt Ltd is an emerging company that is doing human welfare through many social works in many parts of India. We have a lot of employees waiting for the employer and we assure them that they will get the best jobs according to their skills.

We have many trusty servants /maid in our company. Our company's director Jayram Mandal and Rakhi Devi are working on a number of social activities. We have training centers for unemployed people. We develop all uneducated or less educated candidate skills. We do many such things to do something good for the poor so that he and his family live well

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We have experienced cook available. who is capable of cooking in all types of food.


We have all kinds of house maids available, who can take good care of the house

Baby Caretaker

A trained baby caretaker is available for child care, which is excellent for child care


Good information about City and Road Driver. available good trend drivers.

Elderly Caretaker

Patient care takers are available to care for the elderly


Japamaid to take good care and massage of both mother and child


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Why Choose Us

Our company does many social work, which has human welfare, we bring the servant / maid from the situation where they have many types of domestic problems and they are passing through very difficult lives. Teach work by bringing work, by providing jobs according to qualifications, make their life bright, so the maid can be trusted.
because we promise 100% satisfaction to the customer. We understand every problem of the customer and listen to the customer first and also provide the maid according to the customer's casualty and we are also a private limited company.
Our guarantee is 6 months from the day the work starts and 3 is the rule of replacement. Total 4 maid servants we offer in 6 months
No, we do not do the police verification of the maid, but we advise you to make the police verification of the maid, we validate the document of the maid and also investigate the maid's references and past.
Salary Structure Salary Structure And Our Charges "OUR CHARGES" Rs 1250 1st time Registration charge +"Equal for one month's salary" For example, if the salary of the maid is fixed at 20 thousand per month, then the service charge of the company will be 20000 + 1250 = 21350.
24 HOURS MINIMUM SALARY RS. 18000+ 12 HOURS MINIMUM SALARY RS. 18000+ 10 HOURS MINIMUM SALARY RS. 16000+ 8 HOURS MINIMUM SALARY RS. 15000+ 2 holiday per month fixed


Our Pricing


SALARY PER MONTH Starting Salary
  • 24 hours living working time ₹18,000+
  • 12 hours working time ₹18,000+
  • 10 hours working time ₹16,000+
  • 8 hours working time ₹15,000+
  • 4 hours working time 9,000+
  • Full Time support


GUARANTEE TIME From the date of the joining
  • Replacement period 6 months
  • From the date of the joining
  • Maximum replacement
  • Will be "3 Replacements only"
  • 6 month`s of replacement Period only.
  • Full Time support


MERI MAIDS CHARGES Customers must pay
  • 1250 1st time Registration charge
  • Customers must pay
  • "Equal for one month's salary"
  • If Maid/Servant salary les of 5000>
  • Company Charge You pay 5000
  • Full Time support


  • Well trained maids
  • Checked all the maid's documents
  • All maid's past has been checked
  • Do a police verification of the maid.
  • Register the maid with
  • the co-operative you are living in

What our clients say about us?

Miss Sapana

I am very happy with the service of the company, I am very happy that I took service from merimaids.com, in my absence, there was a lot of concern for my home care, but no longer, they resolved all my problems.

Mr Vikas Kadam

Worked very fast, I am very happy, the people of the company are very good, because they bring people who do not have any support, they are surrounded by many problems and solve all their problems. I'm glad I got some work from this company.

Miss Varsha

People of the company work very well. Services are very fast, I'm very happy with the way the company works, I think if these people do such things then the company can go a long way.


We Are A Maid Service Provider Based In Mumbai. We Have Over 10 Years Of Experience.

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