Read before use our services

1) Every new person in a new house takes a little time to adjust to the way the house functions. Kindly be patient with the maid. Work can be taught to the maid if he/she has the attitude

2) Do a police verification of the maid. It takes just a few hours of your time. This is done just to instill fear in the mind of the domestic maid that if he or she tries to do any crime, his or her record is with the pol and he or she can get caught. This will make him/her think twice before doing anything

3) Check the bags of the maid every day before she enters the house and before she leaves the house. Do not leave your belongings unattended and please lock all your belongings safely at a safe place in your home

4) Make sure that the salary of the maid is paid in time and in full. Since these people usually come from a poor family, shortfall of money makes them do things that they might not want to do

5) Register the maid with the co-operative you are living in

6) In case the maid is on trial and you want to continue with the same maid, kindly confirm to same to our coordinator immediately so that we can start the paperwork. If you do not like the maid after the trial pay the salary of the maid for the number of days that he/she has worked on trial on and release the maid. If you reject the maid, you cannot join the same maid either directly or through any other source without informing us. If in future the client joins the maid then the client will have to pay the full month maids charges. Any such instance would be dealt with legally under the jurisdiction of Mumbai High Court

7) If you have any suspicion, please inform us immediately and we will replace the maid. We again repeat: No one can guarantee the future. Please follow the above-mentioned points rigorously. However, just in case the maid ends up doing any crime Jhanvi jobs Pvt Ltd or any of its sister concerns will not be held responsible for the same

8) We will assist you with whatever documents of the maid we have and will also cooperate with the police for your safety No one is born a thief, Circumstances makes a person steal. Jhanvi jobs Pvt ltd level best to filter out the Bood profiles amongst the bad ones.

9) We sincerely hope that you think no one can predict what a person can do in the future.

10) We request you to be careful and follow the points given above to remember:

11) The details and requirements of you will be filed in a form provided by the Company for which a nominal non-refundable provide the best suitable candidate. amount of Rs.1250/-will is charged. Based on a one-time registration fee. Valid only 3 Interviews.

12) You will place your personal identification document with us on record for future references.